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Project name : 

Well water drinking project

Year : March 2019

Country : Romania

Capacity : Produces 23 tons of water per hour

 Project Description 

Raw water is well water in Romania, water quality exceeding the standard factors are ammonia (micro-super), chloride (micro-super), residual chlorine (micro-super), turbidity (severely exceeding the standard), total number of mites (micro-super), nitrite (micro-super). For ammonia, due to the slight excess, with oxidation (fungicides) and quartz sand can solve the problem, the total number of places (micro-super) equipped with sterilization equipment can be resolved, turbidity is removed through quartz sand, because nitrites and nitrates, chlorides are micro-super, Resolve the problem by ultrafiltration plus reverse osmosis.

 Process Treatment 

Our company adopts each set of ultrafiltration system and reverse osmosis system, and adopts integrated equipment of containerized structure.

Ultrafiltration produced 11m3/H, RO system produced 12m3/H, and the produced water was mixed and drunk.

The system's recovery rate was 74.2%.


 Technological Process

Ultrafiltration system:

Raw water tank → raw water pump → quartz sand filter → activated carbon filter → security filter → ultrafiltration system → production water tank .

Reverse osmosis system:

Raw water tank → raw water pump → quartz sand filter → security filter → reverse osmosis system → production water tank.

Cleaning system:

Ultrafiltration equipment and RO equipment use a set of cleaning system.

Electric control system: automatic control.

Container: 40 "HQ FLC.

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