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Project name : Drinking water

Year : May 2019

Country : Motatei, Romania

Capacity : Produces 57.6 tons of water per hour

 Project Overview

Carbon filter + ion exchange system : 28.8 tons per hour

Carbon filter +RO system : 28.8 tons per hour

Raw water comes from 6 deep Wells.Raw water quality is poor, with six items exceeding the standard, respectively

① Ammonia (micro super)

② Nitrate (seriously exceeding the standard)

③ Ecoli

④ Total number of colonies

⑤ Iron (micro super)

⑥ Manganese (micro super)

Among them, health indicators, Ecoli and the total number of colonies are relatively easy to solve the problem, the system equipped with sterilization equipment can be solved. For ammonia, iron, manganese these three, due to the slight excess, with oxidation (fungicide) and activated carbon can solve the problem.The key to this system is that nitrate exceeds the standard serious, consider the use of membrane method, reverse osmosis membrane to ammonium removal rate can reach more than 95%, reverse osmosis membrane equipment water nitrate content is less than 12.15mg/L, hardness is less than 2.8mg/L (CaO), that is, less than 0.28 degrees. According to the user-provided ion exchange water production data, 28.8 tons / hour, nitrate content is less than 37mg/L, hardness 12 degrees, mixed with reverse osmosis water production 21.6 tons / hour, mixed water quality nitrates (12.15 x 21.6 x 37 x 28.8) / (21.6 x 28.8) x 28.8. 48 mg/L, hardness (28.8 x 12 x 0.28 x 21.6 ignored) / (21.6 x 28.8) x 6.85 mg/L is mixed water quality nitrate less than 28.8 mg/L, hardness greater than 6.85 mg/L, fully meet the water quality requirements.


Well water and fungicide by activated carbon filtration, and then through the security filter into reverse osmosis equipment, water production and the original ion exchange water production mix, and then sterilized, to meet drinking water standards.


Project Design Features

1. Adopt remote control.

2. Two devices are used to produce water, which is mixed into drinking water.

3. The containerized integrated equipment is adopted, and all the equipment is integrated into a 40HQ FLC.


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