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Project name : 

Textile mill sewage treatment

Year : June 2019

Country : Istanbul city, Turkey

Capacity : 3000 cubic meters of sewage per day

 Project Situation 

A day 3000 square meters textile printing and dyeing plant sewage treatment upgrade and transformation project.

This textile printing and dyeing wastewater treatment capacity of 3000 square meters per day, the project on the basis of the original process of the second sink pool into the MBR membrane pool, by our company for the project to design MBR system transformation plan. The project has been upgraded to produce water that meets European discharge standards.

Our company designs and provides 12 sets of membrane components, each covering 1000 square meters. Each membrane cord is 20 square meters, and each CASSETTE is 50.


Size of each CASSETTE: 2100*1420*2310mm.

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Jinhuimo is meeting a global need for clean water through membrane technology treatment solutions. 


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