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UF Membrane

Product Description

Hollow Fiber PVDF UF Membrane for WasteWater Treatment Plant
1. UF technology introduction
1.1.Ultrafiltration (UF) is a separation principle for screening, with pressure as the driving force to realize
mechanical separation membrane separation process, namely under certain pressure, when the mixed
solution of large molecules or a small molecule solute through the membrane surface, solvent
(e.g., inorganic salt) and small molecule solutes through the membrane, and the solute molecules due
to mechanical filtration membrane as concentrate intercept. 

1.2.Ultrafiltration membrane products made by our company mainly include PES, PAN and PVDF membrane:
a.Polyethersulfone hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane with acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance, high mechanical strength, resistance to cleaning and other advantages, widely used in the food industry, electroplating industry, pharmaceutical industry fermentation liquid separation and concentration, cathode electrophoresis paint recoveryand other fields.
b.Polyacrylonitrile membrane components with low prices, large water flux, pollution resistance and cleaning resistance, which is widely used in a variety of water treatment industries, especially the reuse of water and reverse osmosis water equipment pretreatment industries.
c.PVDF hollow fiber ultrafiltration membrane has strong anti-oxidation, anti-pollution and good cleaning performance, which is widely used in various sewage treatment industries.

1.3.Jinhuimo UF membrane operation parameters:

Membrane material PES PVDF PAN
Model Inside-out Outside-in Outside-in Inside-out
ID/OD(mm) 1.0/1.6 0.7/1.3 0.7/1.3 1.4/2.2
Max. Feed turbidity <50NTU <100NTU <80NTU
Max.Clorine resistance Continuously 50ppm;
Instantaneously 500ppm
Continuously 200ppm;
Instantaneously 2000ppm
Continuously 5ppm;
Instantaneously 100ppm
Operation model Cross flow or dead-end
Max. permeate flux 120L/m2/h 150L/m2/h 150L/m2/h
Backwash flux 100-360L/m32/h

1.4. Advantages:
a. Good hydrophilic, big water flux;
b. Strong chemical resistance, big rang for PH adaptation;
c. High strength, no broken fiber, long life;
d. Cleaning is simple, flux recovery is good.

1.5. Hollow fiber uf membrane parameter sheet:
Operating temperature: 5-40 degree;
Membrane module encasulation materials: Food grade epoxy resin;
Operating pressure: ≤0.3 MPA;
Max tolerance pressure: 0.5MPA;
PH range: 2-10.

1.6.Ultrafiltration parameter table:

Model  Spec. Outersize(mm) Distance from Side to center(mm)  Material Effective area(m2)
Φ90 UFaI4040 90*1016 / PES 4.5
UFbI4040 90*1016 / PAN 4
UFaIB90 90*1100 910 PES 4.5
UFaOB90 90*1100 910 PES 9
UFbIB90 90*1100 910 PAN 4
UFcOB90 90*1100 910 PVDF 9
Φ160 UFaIA160 160*1330 990 PES 20
UFaOA160 160*1330 990 PES 30
UFbIA160 160*1330 990 PAN 18
UFcOA160 160*1330 990 PVDF 30
Φ200 UFaI8040 200*1016 / PES 20
UFbI8040 200*1016 / PAN 15
UFaI8060 200*1527 / PES 40
UFaIB200 200*1410 1000 PES 25
UFaOB200 200*1410 1000 PES/PS 40
UFaIA200 200*1902 1742 PES/PS 40
UFbIB200 200*1410 1000 PAN 20
UFaOA200  200*1860 1630 PES 40
UFcOA200  200*1860 1630 PVDF 60
Φ219 UFaIA219 219*1902 1742 PES 40
Φ225 UFaIA225 225*1730/1760 1600/1630 PES 45
UFaIA225H 225*1730  1600 PES 45
UFaOA225 225*1730/1760 1600/1630 PES 60
UFbIA225 225*1730/1760 1600/1630 PAN 35
UFcOA225 225*1730/1760 1600/1630 PVDF 60
UFaOA2860 225*1860 1630 PES 50
UFaOA2880 225*2360 2130 PES 77
UFcOA2860 225*1860 1630 PVDF 50
UFcOA2880 225*2360 2130 PVDF 77
Φ250 UFaIA250 250*1715/1813  1600/1705 PES 50
UFaOA250 250*1715/1813 1600/1705 PES 75
UFbIA250 250*1715/1813 1600/1705 PAN 35
UFcOA250 250*1715/1813 1600/1705 PVDF 77
Φ273 UFaIA273 273*1830 / PES  80
accessories / / ABS /
accessories / / SS304 /
Φ315 UFaIA315S 315*1302 780 PES/PS 55
UFaIA315L 315*1822 1300 PES/PS 80

2. Company introduction:
Shandong Jinhuimo Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise specializing in the research and development /production/application/membrane technology and engineering design of hollow fiber membrane separation technology in China. we have a professional team of nearly 20 years engaged in research and development of membrane technology and water treatment engineering application experience, advanced ultrafiltration membrane module production capacity and large enterprise base. It has passed ISO 9001:2000 quality management system and SGS certification. Country stock code :831623.
Hollow Fiber PVDF UF Membrane for Wastewater Treatment Plant

3. UF membrane application:
*Food industry: process water/ production water preparation/ sewage treatment.
*Beverage industry: process water/ production water/ concentrated separation treatment.
*Pharmaceutical industry: process water/ preparation water/ washing water/ injection water/ aseptic water preparation.
*Chemical industry: production water/ wastewater treatment/ water reuse.
*Power industry: boiler recharge water/ circulating cooling water.
*Electronics industry: semiconductor industry ultrapure water/ integrated circuit cleaning water/ formula water.
*Petrochemicals: oil field injection water/ petrochemical wastewater deep treatment/ chemical wastewater treatment and reuse.
*Desalination of sea water and brackish water: island areas/ coastal areas/ ships/ seawater oil fields/ etc. production/ domestic water.
*Drinking water engineering: pure water preparation/ drinking water purification/ water standard-raising.
Hollow Fiber PVDF UF Membrane for Wastewater Treatment Plant
4. Qingdao Jinhuimo company attend to international exhibitions listed in these 2 years:
In 2018, we attended to Russian, Malasia, Vietnam Water exhibition;
In 2019, we attended to Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia, India water exhibition;
Hollow Fiber PVDF UF Membrane for Wastewater Treatment Plant
All we did is finding each other, if you need our UF hollow fiber membrane or system, warlmly welcome to contact with us!


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